Benefits of Using Us

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of accessibility specialists is led by David Berman. He is one of a few hundred people globally to hold IAAP’s top CPWA certification, the World’s only certifications for accessibility professionals. This positions us perfectly to provide you a solution which fits the broader context for your organization.

Hands-on Coaching

Our team of world class trainers and coaches provide the support and knowledge transfer via whatever methods works best for your team (e.g., email, voice, conference call, instant messaging, Slack, Skype, Teams, Meet, Zoom, SMS / text, our e-learning room, telecoaching sessions, distance training, onsite custom-tailored events and learning guides).

No Tradeoffs

Our no-tradeoffs approach is going to delight legal and creative. Dev teams often fear complying with accessibility standards will make their product suck. We’ve seen horrible results when non-designer auditors dictate compromise the intrigue on an excellent product. We’ve refined our approach to inclusive design over 30 years: our technique library promises compliance that enhances UX for your entire audience.

Be heroes to your client

We have a diverse team of engineers, programmers, and consultants, many living with disabilities themselves, with the experience and qualifications to help make our deliverables excellent. Our goal: to help you get to where you’re proudly proclaiming accessibility compliance. Our team will help you choose the methods that fit your sustainable workflow best, for every member of your team … and audience.