Decorative text of quote by David Berman from the Train Like You Listen podcast

“The more we can allow a learner to engage with content in the way that works best for them, the more likely we’re going to get great learning outcomes.”

-David Berman, What is “accessibility” in learning design? on the Train Like You Listen podcast

Podcast episodes

    • 3Play Media’s Allied Podcast: What Goes Wrong When We Design for People and Not With People? With David Berman
      In this episode, Elisa sits down with speaker and consultant, David Berman, to discuss what could go wrong when we design for people instead of with people. Listen or view the transcript
    • Grype Accessible Web Design Without Tradeoffs: Leaving No Member Behind Online
      Your association’s members and prospective members are of all levels of ability. Use some of the standards of accessible web design for your member portal to expand your membership and access to your association’s benefits through inclusive web design. Watch, listen, or read transcript
    • Endurance Learning’s Train Like You Listen Podcast: What is “accessibility” in learning design, and why is it important? Listen or view the transcript

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