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The Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down accessibility audit package | $895

WCAG 2.0 or 2.1? Is it level A, AA or AAA? Are you unsure or puzzled about what compliance looks like for your (or your client’s) website or app? Why not consider our $895 entry-level “thumbs up / thumbs down” standalone audit package? We will:

  • interview you and your colleagues
  • identify what regulatory requirements apply to the sites or apps 
  • familiarize ourselves with your product
  • perform a summary of technical digital accessibility evaluation
  • assess whether they pass the cited standards/regulations or not
  • provide a formal expert opinion statement signed by a certified expert (CPWA, WAS, CPACC, ADS)
  • based on the familiarity gained, we can then provide a proposal for a full audit if you wish, at no additional charge (which will include a $895 discount)

Or, would you prefer a full audit right away? Either way, let’s jump on a call!

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