Transcript of “Sheldon Kennedy talks about David Berman Communications accessibility partnership”

This is a transcript of the video Sheldon Kennedy talks about David Berman Communications accessibility partnership.


(A man in a black suit and glasses faces the camera, and continues to do so throughout the video.)

Hi, I’m Sheldon Kennedy, co-founder of Respect Group. Respect Group is founded on principles of inclusivity. It is one of our key fundamental values in terms of what we believe in at Respect Group and the programs we offer. Having Respect Group accredited at this level means we are living up to our highest standard. We now know that every user, regardless of any disability they may be facing, will be able to access our program equally, and to us that is critical.

David Berman, communications, was a great partner for us to work with. We had a terrific experience. Their team was highly professional and detail-orientated and worked closely with us through every step of the process. They were quick to respond to questions and offered helpful solutions for areas that required improvements. They were very detailed, comprehensive in their audit which ultimately resulted in a great outcome.

We are proud to have achieved WCAG 2.1 conformance, and thank you to the Berman Team for helping us become certified accessible. Certified accessible, awesome.


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