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30% off your first document remediation project

You need your documents to meet or exceed the accessibility standards, whether WCAG, PDF/UA, AODA, or EN 301 549. We’re eager to teach you how, but we also know that sometimes you just need to trust someone else to get it done … including certification to every standard that applies to you and your audiences. Try our remediation service with 30% off your first order: type Coupon Code 30FIRSTTIME in our Request for Remediation Quote form. (Cannot be combined with other discounts.)

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On November 16, 2023, David Berman presents eAccessibility: Office, InDesign, PDF, Web.

Whether you are new to eAccessibility or someone who wants to learn and understand more, David will convince you why universal design, then introduce you how to comply with the regulations that govern your sites and documents … while broadening your audience, driving down costs, and fulfilling your social responsibility and inclusion commitments.

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Your free 30-minute accessibility strategy consultation

We’re eager to help you get started. Whether it’s the first day you’ve heard of accessibility or you’ve been deep in it for years, contact us for a 30-minute consultation. We’re eager to help you figure out how to move forward. Book your consult today with David or one his experts. Call 800-665-1809, or contact us.

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